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News for 'Brand Marketing'

Title Date Source
Which Video Types Influence Consumers? ZEFR Has The Answer 02-18-2014 Tubefilter News
Video Marketing More Effective Than TV Advertising for Airlines 02-13-2014 ReelSEO
Brands See the Most Views from Earned Media 11-19-2013 VideoInk
New Red Bull `Stratos` Video Shows What It Was Like to Be Felix Baumgartner 10-25-2013 AdAge
Check Out the Top 10 Most-Shared Brands on Instagram Video 10-23-2013 AdWeek
Smirnoff App Lets Consumers Make Videos From Their Tweets and Photos 10-09-2013 AdAge
Marriott Brand Chief Puts Video Focus on Millennials 10-06-2013 AdWeek
Live Nation Launches First Web Series, `The Rider Challenge,` with Ford 09-16-2013 Variety
Burberry to Shoot Runway Show with Apple`s iPhone 5s 09-12-2013 MacRumors
Too Many Brands Expect Viral Video Magic 09-09-2013 AdWeek
This Guy Has the Second-Most Followed Account on Vine 09-01-2013 AdWeek
ESPN Re-Ups With Twitter Amplify for College Football 08-29-2013 AdWeek
Nike's Just Do It Anniversary Spot Scores on YouTube 08-28-2013 AdWeek
Going Places with DoubleTree by Hilton: Digital Engagement in the Travel Market 08-25-2013 Google Think Insights
Old Navy Sponsors Alloy Digital`s `Style Rules` Series 08-21-2013 Online Media Daily
Marketers Need to Consume Vine Video, Not Just Make It 08-16-2013 AdAge
How ZEFR Brings Content ID To Content Creators, Media Companies. And Now Brands 08-14-2013 TechCrunch
Target turns to YouTube to reach Millennials 08-11-2013 SFGate
Red Bull`s Xbox Videos Garner 14-Minute Engagement Rate 08-09-2013 AdWeek
Honda Can`t Stay Off The Vine: Launches Second Real-Time Nano-Video Campaign 08-06-2013 Online Media Daily
Foot Locker Grabs Two Spots On the Viral Video Chart 07-25-2013 AdAge
Can Brands Recycle Their Web Ads for Instagram Video? 07-22-2013 AdAge
Virgin Mobile Takes Vine Videos to TV 07-19-2013 Fast Company
5 Hotels using Instagram`s new videos to show off their products 07-15-2013 Skift
Toyota Video Has Created 892K Meals for Sandy Victims in the Last Week 06-28-2013 AdWeek
YouTube begins content partner programme with American Express, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo & General Electric 06-20-2013 The Drum
ZEFR Launches BrandID To Give Advanced YouTube Analytics And Tools To Brands 06-14-2013 TechCrunch
Fans Crush Brands When It Comes to YouTube 06-13-2013 AdWeek
Nismo.TV: Nissan inks YouTube motorsport content deal, includes YouTube-branded race cars 03-22-2013 The Next Web
Why Short-Form Video Is The Future Of Marketing 07-23-2012 Fast Company
Taco Bell Turns A Town`s Disappointment Into Opportunity With Latest Viral Video 07-10-2012 ReelSEO
Trojan, Team For Sex Series 07-09-2012 Online Media Daily
YouTube Launches `Marketplace` to Connect YouTube Stars and Brands 06-28-2012 AdAge
Check Out This Cool New Tide Detergent Video 06-06-2012 AdWeek
Schwab Aims Video Series At Younger Demo 06-05-2012 Marketing Daily
Brands Can Now Turn Their Facebook Timeline Into a Movie 05-24-2012 Mashable
Snapple, NBC Look for `Talent`on YouTube 04-26-2012 Tubefilter News
Ford Bets on Yahoo Reality Series to Promote Focus Electric 04-10-2012 AdAge
Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board Reaches Vacationers With YouTube 03-12-2012 ReelSEO
Mozilla Video Campaign Follows Open-Source Path 03-12-2012 Online Media Daily
Infectious Ad for Razor Blades Smells a Lot Like Old Spice 03-08-2012 AdWeek
Lego Goes Social For Hero Factory Idea 02-08-2012 Online Media Daily
CMOs Explain Why They`re Flocking to Vegas for CES 01-12-2012 AdAge
Pepsi Launches Social-Viewing Platforms for `X Factor` 10-18-2011 AdAge
Dell Online Video Contest To Find America`s Favorite Small Business 10-10-2011 ReelSEO
Dodge Drops Online Video Contest Clues For Hidden SUV Scavenger Hunt 09-13-2011 ReelSEO
Ogilvy`s Advanced Video Practice Gives Clients A Dedicated Video Specialist Team 08-19-2011 ReelSEO
Flights, Camera, Action - American Airlines Spreads Wings For Online Video Contest 08-16-2011 ReelSEO
Best Branded Viral Video Ad Campaign - Bon Yurt Yogurt Blended Glow Sticks 07-27-2011 ReelSEO
New Old Spice Guy Fabio Challenges Isaiah Mustafa to a Duel 07-26-2011 AdAge