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  • Sharing VideoNuze’s 2016 Events Calendar

    It’s shaping up as another incredibly exciting year for online video, and I’m delighted to share VideoNuze’s 2016 events calendar today. 2015 was a breakout year for VideoNuze’s events, with record attendance of 450+ executives at our 5th annual VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit in June, our inaugural SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Advertising Summit in December, and our first NABShow Online Video Conference in Las Vegas in April. Building on their success, all of these events will be back in 2016.

    Our flagship event in 216 will be the 6th annual VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit, which will be Tuesday, June 14th at the Westin New York at Times Square in NYC. With U.S. online video ad spending in 2016 approaching $10 billion according to eMarketer, and viewers’ behaviors rapidly changing, advertisers and content providers are avidly embracing online video. But online video advertising is complex and chaotic and so once again the Ad Summit will bring together 50+ industry executive speakers in a meticulously curated program that maximizes learning. Combined with top-notch networking, the Ad Summit will again be a must-attend event.

    Programmatic video & TV are expected to be a bigger part of the advertising landscape in 2016, and the 2nd annual SHIFT // 2016 (tentatively on Tuesday, December 6th in NYC) will again be the most comprehensive conference focusing on these important trends. Following on the success of the SHIFT // 2015 event, which drew 380+ attendees, SHIFT // 2016 promises in-depth sessions on all of the key drivers of programmatic video & TV. For anyone with a stake in the success of programmatic video & TV, SHIFT // 2016 will be an superior day of learning and networking.

    Finally, kicking off the year will be the 2nd annual NABShow Online Video Conference (OVC), again produced and hosted by VideoNuze. Recognizing the growing importance of online video, the 2-day OVC on April 18 and 19 in Las Vegas, will be a marquee event at NABShow. It will feature two of the show’s Super Sessions, plus a dozen other sessions focusing on all the most important industry trends such as mobile, connected TVs, online originals, SVOD, live streaming sports, branded content and much more.

    For more information about all of the events, including sponsorships and speaking, please contact me. I look forward to seeing you at VideoNuze events in 2016 and learning together.

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  • Happy Holidays, See You in 2016

    Happy Holidays! This will be my last post of 2015, as I plan to take some time off through New Year's.

    It’s been another hectic year of growth for online video, packed with new product/service announcements, technology innovation, changes in business models and new content development. It’s safe to say that online video is now the biggest priority for everyone in the video ecosystem.

    For VideoNuze, 2015 was a busy year of helping industry executives understand the swirl of activity through our daily editorial. Conferences have also become a bigger part of VideoNuze’s mission, bringing together industry executives to discuss and debate key topics.

    In 2015 VideoNuze hosted its 5th annual Online Video Ad Summit, which drew 450+ attendees. We also introduced SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, which drew 380+ attendees. Finally we hosted our inaugural NABShow Online Video Conference in Las Vegas. We’ll be doing all 3 of these conferences in 2016 (contact me to learn more).

    As always, I’m extremely grateful for all of the industry companies that have sponsored VideoNuze and our events in 2015, without whom none of this would be possible. Thank you! And of course a huge thank you to VideoNuze’s daily readers, podcast listeners and conference attendees.

    I wish you and your families a happy, healthy holiday season and all the best in 2016!

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  • Happy Holidays, See You in 2015

    Happy Holidays! This will be my last post of 2014, as I prepare to take some time off through New Year's. I hope all of you will get time to rejuvenate over the next week and half as well.

    As I mentioned in last week's podcast, 2014 was a key turning point year for online video, when it truly went mainstream and became a top priority for everyone in the media and technology ecosystem. 2015 will build on 2014's momentum as we see still further viewer shifts to online and mobile video.

    For VideoNuze, 2014 was another year of growth and evolution with the industry, with over 300 original posts and over 2,200 curated links to the most relevant news around the industry. Each weekday morning I strive to have VideoNuze be an essential tool for industry decision-makers to better understand the disruptive changes sweeping through the video industry. Hopefully VideoNuze is hitting the mark more often than it's missing!

    Once again, I'm deeply grateful for all of the industry companies that have sponsored VideoNuze and our events in 2014, without whom none of this would be possible. Thank you!

    I wish you and your families a happy, healthy holiday season and all the best in 2015!

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  • VideoNuze's Booth At NABShow is Up and Running

    VideoNuze's first-ever booth, at NABShow, is up and running (see below)! True, it's not nearly as elaborate as the booths from the big guys, but it's doing the job for us. We've been recording video interviews all morning with online video industry executives, which we'll begin posting tomorrow!

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  • Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

    With the holidays upon us, it's time to say goodbye to 2010 and to think about the year ahead.

    As I described in my "Online/Mobile Video's Top 10 of 2010" post yesterday, it was a whirlwind year for the industry, with exciting progress on all fronts. 2011 is shaping up to be equally exciting as players in the ecosystem innovate and jockey for position.

    In 2010 I wrote almost 500 original analyses of industry events, and aggregated over 2,000 news items from third-party sources on VideoNuze. In 2011 VideoNuze will continue to provide analytical, even-handed coverage of the rapidly evolving online and mobile video industries, and those industries that are impacted by the rise of viewing on these new platforms. Readers continue to tell me that VideoNuze is one of the few media outlets that delivers consistently thoughtful industry analysis, resisting the hype and piling-on that is all too common today. I know VideoNuze readers are busy and have lots of choices for what to read, so thank you for making VideoNuze a part of your day.

    As the year winds down, I also want to say a big thank you to VideoNuze's sponsors and to the sponsors of the 3 VideoSchmooze events this year. Without them VideoNuze wouldn't be possible and so I'm very grateful for their support. As always, if you're interested in learning more about sponsoring either VideoNuze or VideoSchmooze events, please contact me.

    VideoNuze will be on break until Monday, January 3rd, unless something big happens during the holiday week. I'll continue to post news and do some tweeting, but for the most part I'll be relaxing and re-charging my batteries. I hope you'll be doing the same.

    Happy Holidays to all of you, see you in 2011!

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  • VideoNuze Posts from the Caribbean

    If you noticed a little "virtual sand" in your VideoNuze emails this week, that's because I've been posting from St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where I'm on a quasi-vacation with my wife. If you've never been, I highly recommend it. Lounging on Trunk Bay's powdery white sand and snorkeling in its crystal-clear green water is one of life's exquisite pleasures (see below). Apologies for slow responses to emails and voicemails this week. Tomorrow I'm taking the full day off, so VideoNuze will be back on Monday.

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  • Giving Thanks

    As Thanksgiving approaches, it's time to pause and say a few important thank yous. First, thank you to VideoNuze's readers, the executives who are on the front line of the broadband and mobile video revolution. You are inundated each day with announcements and other news sources competing for your attention, so I appreciate you taking time to read VideoNuze, comment on it, pass it along to colleagues and provide me with ideas for further posts.

    When I started VideoNuze 2+ years ago, my goal was for it to become the main online source for busy industry executives looking for daily analysis that goes beyond the headlines often found elsewhere. I wanted to provide fact-driven, well-reasoned arguments for my positions, and when being critical, explain why constructively, without being snarky. VideoNuze is all about executive-level, clear-headed analysis plus aggregating the most important industry news from other sources. Your feedback that VideoNuze has indeed become an authoritative voice for understanding key industry initiatives has been very gratifying.

    A big thanks also to VideoNuze's loyal sponsors, whose support makes VideoNuze possible. Current sponsors Akamai, Brightcove, Microsoft Silverlight, Twistage, ActiveVideo Networks, Digitalsmiths, ExtendMedia, Jambo Media and Visible Measures are all making key contributions to the broadband video ecosystem, and I encourage you to check them out.

    Back in the summer of '07, when I originally pitched the idea of VideoNuze to a small group of broadband video companies, I relied on an executive summary and assumptions about audience growth. Eight companies came on board as charter sponsors, and as VideoNuze's email distribution and site traffic have grown, another 40+ companies have become sponsors. These companies gain strong branding and lead generation at an extremely cost-effective CPM (if you'd like to learn more about sponsoring, please contact me).

    Thanks also to the many industry executives who have taken time this year to brief me on their companies' activities and also to help educate me about the industry. I learn a ton from these conversations, and they help me road-test and synthesize different ideas I'm developing. Often there are hard-working PR professionals facilitating these briefings, being persistent about getting the calls set up. I appreciate how really good PR people understand VideoNuze's editorial focus and know when their clients' news is a good match.

    In 2009, VideoNuze stepped up its event calendar, hosting 2 VideoSchmooze events in NYC and a breakfast at the CTAM Summit in Denver. I've received lots of positive feedback on these as being targeted, cost-effective and high-quality networking/educational opportunities. Thanks to the hundreds of you that attended. There's lots more planned next year, which you'll be hearing about soon.

    In 2009 I also spoke at more than a dozen private company meetings - at executive off-sites, all-hands meetings, customer outings and sales/marketing strategy sessions. I'm continually revising a presentation that I share which explains the broadband industry's key trends, data and upcoming technology/product shifts. These meetings are very interactive and they've been a great opportunity for me to get really deep with key players in the market (off the record) about what they're doing and what's ahead. If I can add value to a meeting you're planning, please let me know.

    Last but not least, thanks to 2 partners who help distribute the daily VideoNuze email, the National Association of Television Program Executives and The Diffusion Group. Each is doing outstanding work in the broadband video space as well, and I continue to be involved in their activities. And thanks to my weekly VideoNuze Report partner Daisy Whitney, with whom I've cranked out 40+ podcasts this year.

    If you're on the road this weekend for Thanksgiving, travel safely and enjoy. VideoNuze will be back on Monday for the home stretch of 2009.

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  • Save the Date: Sept. 9th Video Networking Event in Boston

    A quick heads-up that on September 9th, VideoNuze will be hosting its first evening networking event for key players in the broadband video industry. It will be held in Boston and is geared for executives, entrepreneurs, technologists, press/bloggers and everyone else helping build out the industry. Great schmoozing, food and drink are guaranteed. Many more details coming shortly!
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  • Seeking Your Ideas for VideoNuze Topics

    A quick note to mention that I'm always eager to hear your ideas for subjects for VideoNuze posts and analyses.

    As a reminder, from an editorial standpoint, VideoNuze is all about broadband-delivered video. That's a lot of ground to cover given the amount of activity in the market, and I do my best to select what I believe will be most compelling to you. But there's no "editorial board" here at VideoNuze, so I look to the community of VideoNuze readers to give me their input. Either post a comment here or drop me an email at wrichmondATvideonuze.com.


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  • A VideoNuze Update at 6 Months

    Today, a quick digression from the daily routine of broadband video analysis.

    It's been a little over 6 months since I launched VideoNuze. The question I've been asked most often (after "how do you crank all this out every day?!") is "How are things going?" So I thought it would make sense to take a step back and give all of you a brief answer to that question.

    I started VideoNuze with a mission to deliver to busy executives each day a complete, yet highly digestible package of analysis and news about the broadband video industry. I thought an online publication that was relentlessly focused and written from the perspective of an analyst and former industry executive would meet a market need.

    Six months later, there have been over 160 original daily analyses/posts and over 1,000 broadband video-related news items added to VideoNuze from multiple sources. To answer the earlier question, it takes a lot of discipline to crank out VideoNuze each day and I often joke that I work for a pretty tough boss! But I'm hardly complaining. Through the countless executive briefings I've conducted, I've continued to learn a ton about the industry from some really smart people. My key challenge is to synthesize this and present it in a way that's valuable to readers. It's stimulating and fun and I thoroughly enjoy it.

    VideoNuze is now read each day by thousands of busy executives who either receive the daily email or RSS feeds or visit VideoNuze.com. I've been incredibly gratified by the response I've received. Readers now regularly tell me that VideoNuze's insights and exclusive broadband video news aggregation are indispensable to them. VideoNuze is still very much a work in progress with lots of additional features planned. I continue to optimize the topics of daily analyses trying to balance reader interest and important news and trends. But at the six month mark, I'm very pleased with the overall progress.

    I'm particularly proud that 15 industry leaders have run, or are currently running sponsorship campaigns on VideoNuze, including ActiveVideo Networks (formerly ICTV), Adap.tv, Akamai, Anystream, Atlas Venture, Brightcove, Digitalsmiths, ExtendMedia, FAST, KickApps, PermissionTV, thePlatform, Tremor Media, Voxant and WorldNow.

    In the coming weeks a number of additional companies will start VideoNuze sponsorship campaigns. I am extremely grateful for all sponsors' support, and encourage you to visit their sites to learn more about them. And if you'd like to learn more about sponsoring VideoNuze, please click here.

    VideoNuze has also benefited from two important partnerships, one with NATPE (the National Association of Television Program Executives) and the other with The Diffusion Group, a leading analytics and advisory firm specializing in broadband media. NATPE now distributes the daily VideoNuze email to many of its members looking to make the leap into broadband delivery. And TDG professionals have become regular contributors to VideoNuze, adding a diversity of voices and opinions, while also lessening my work load a bit. To both NATPE and TDG, a huge thanks.

    It's been a great first 6 months for VideoNuze. I really appreciate your support and as always encourage you to comment on the posts and add your voice to the community. Broadband video is an exciting and dynamic space, but only though our combined contributions will it reach its full potential.

    (Note, tomorrow is a rare day off for me, see you next Tuesday)

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  • AllThingsD.com/VideoNuze

    I'm not one to toot my own horn, but in this case I have to make an exception: VideoNuze/Yours Truly have been selected to be included in the "Voices" section of AllThingsD.com. If you're not familiar with AllThingsD.com, it is Dow Jones's flagship media and technology web site, associated with its prestigious "D: All Things Digital" annual conference. It is probably the most sought-after executive event focused on digital media. AllThingsD.com is co-edited by Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg and is widely read throughout the media and technology industries.

    My first post, from this past Monday, "My Rant About Super Bowl Ads" can be seen at the site. It is a real privilege to be selected for the "Voices" section, and I'm completely thrilled!

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  • Quick Thoughts on VideoNuze's First Week

    As Friday winds down, I wanted to share a few quick thoughts on VideoNuze's first week.

    First, a huge thanks to the many of you who have emailed or called with positive feedback on VideoNuze. It looks like the site's analyses and news aggregation are addressing real marketplace needs, as I hoped they would. It's also been gratifying to hear favorable reactions to the site's design and usability, about which my development team and I sweated every detail. I'm a big believer that no matter how great the content, if it's not easy to find and digest, it just doesn't matter.

    A number of folks have called out the "Categories" feature on the site as especially useful for doing research, while others have cited the Search feature on the main nav, which returns results from both the Analyses and News Roundup sections of the site, as very handy. Type your company's name in and see!

    Meanwhile, on the "needs improvement" side, I've heard from a number of you that you're receiving multiple copies of the daily email. Please contact me if this is happening to you. I'm troubleshooting this now with my email vendor and it's possible that it's an Outlook issue. If so, there's a fix.

    Some of you have contacted me about email formatting issues. Regrettably, this is an agonizing area which can never be 100% resolved. Outlook '07 does not support many basic formatting functions, while other email programs also have limitations. We're working to optimize as much as possible, but in the meantime, I've found Yahoo and Gmail seem to handle formatting the best. If you have an account with one of them you may want to receive VideoNuze there. Or you can sign up for the VideoNuze RSS feeds or just come to the web site (also good alternatives if a daily email is too much to handle).

    I've received recommendations for analyses from quite a few of you. Keep those coming, I'm always eager to hear your ideas. I can't act on all, but will do my best.

    Lastly, I've heard lots of positive reaction from current sponsors and expressions of interest from potential sponsors. Sponsor support is of course critical to VideoNuze's success, so if reaching a highly engaged, broadband video decision-maker audience is key to your business plan, by all means drop me a line.

    I have lots more exciting things planned for VideoNuze in the coming weeks and months, so please keep on visiting. And don't be shy about giving me your feedback!

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