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  • Videology Releases 4 Case Studies Showing Cross-Screen Video Advertising Success

    As people splinter their video viewing across multiple devices, reaching them across screens  with video advertising has become has become a growing imperative. Still, TV is tried and true, and the tools for planning, managing and measuring cross-screen campaigns are not yet widely understood.

    To help illustrate early success of cross-screen advertising, Videology has published 4 case studies on different clients who augmented their TV campaigns with online video buys, resulting in significant improvements to audience reach, brand awareness, offline sales and market share.

    The case studies focus on (1) a personal care brand which used video to deliver messages to audiences exposed to competitors' TV ads, (2) a luxury carmaker that used video to deliver augmented reach to those under-exposed to its own TV ads, (3) a beauty retailer that used video to drive offline sales and (4) a technology brand that used video to further penetrate a particular demo when TV reach had been max'd out.

    Each case study highlights the particular quantitative results achieved by using video in addition to TV. The case studies are based on 40 billion video and TV impresses that Videology analyzes per month and can be downloaded here.

    Related, Videology recently published research in conjunction with Forrester showing that 70% of advertising executives surveyed believe it's likely they'll unify video and TV advertising within 3 years.

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