Comcast Technology Solutions - leaderboard - 3-28-18
  • Merrill Lynch Hits the Mark With In-Banner Video Financial Webcast

    On the home page yesterday I was intrigued by a rich media ad (see below) in the right column that expanded to play a video of a roundtable discussion moderated by Merrill executive Sallie Krawcheck. The ad epitomizes how online video lets brands go beyond the traditional 30-second TV spot to deeply engage their target audiences. Everything about the ad is well executed: high-quality video that can be viewed in full screen mode, professional-looking though low-key set design, chapter headings and durations that can be jumped to, links to Facebook, Twitter, etc. to share and placement on a well-trafficked, upscale-leaning site.

    Meanwhile, the content itself is substantive and educational, featuring 3 high-profile industry executives. For investors accustomed to receiving mail pieces with dry text, the video really makes the subject come alive. Brands looking to tap the power of online video should take note.

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